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About Me

Echo / Elliot / Lux

19 [December 01 1997]


Mixed, Genderfluid Nonbinary, sexuality not labeled

Science Nerd, Musician, Artist, Collector, Animal Lover

I have kins, but I don't talk about them

Saving up for tablet pen to start drawing more

Before You Follow, Know That:

I need IV in arms & bestiality tagged

I do not mind retweets of anything

I'm open to meeting new friends, just talk to me!

Dont Follow If You:

Are against the use of IDs for coping

Are LGBT-phobic in any way

Think Zoophilia is okay in any way


Special Interests: Vocaloid, DMMD, League of Legends

Games: Overwatch, MMORPGS, Horror, Indie, Fantasy

Anime/Manga: Psychological, Horror, All Genres

Interests: Forensics, Psychology, Creepy Stuff, Pastels, Guro/Gore, Glitch Aesthetics

Thank you for reading my actual bio!